DreamMeyer Echo's Rosey Gates "Rose"
SR 47209204
whelped 12/15/2007
breeder: Leslie Vieau / Nancy Meyer
Sire:  FC-AFC High Tech CEO "Gates"
Dam: DreamMeyer Elwood's Blue Echo MH
CNM clear by birth.
CERF # LR-54008/2009--16

Elbows Normal LR-EL46277F25-PI

EIC D09-032094 carrier
DreamMeyer Echo's Rosey Gates "Rose" is my first choice female out of Echo.
Echo had 9 pups and only one of them was a female > hence I now have a black dog!
Echo is Gracie and Ole's sister out of my last Kitty/Elwood litter.
Echo is owned by my sister in TX. (Leslie)
Les got me started and hooked on the whole Hunt Test game.
Leslie ran and got Echo her Master Hunter title.
Echo will be going to Master Nationals this year in TX.
Rose has stolen our hearts.
She is 54 lbs of sheer Love.
She is very talented, fast and a great marker.
She loves to learn and has a great attitude.
She is all go outside and then lays upside down in our laps at night...
Rose will go to Jack Morris of Stellar Retrievers to work toward her MH title.
We will most likely skip JH and get her SH title first, then on to Master Hunter.

I highly recommend these three books to everyone who buys my pups, or loves labs.
1) "Just Labs" by Steve Smith & Dale C. Spartas
2) "101 uses for a lab" by Dale C.Spartas
3)"Retriever Puppy Training : The Right Start for Hunting"
by Clarice Rutherford and Cherylon Loveland

Elwood-Kitty Pup

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