DreamMeyer Guarantee Statement

My female is certified OFA Excellent and has her CERF from '05. I am very selective in the studs I choose. They must be certified OFA Good or Excellent, and have their CERF.

Pups from DreamMeyer come with a hip and eye guarantee for 26 months, providing the purchaser complies with the agreement set forth. This covers any genetic problems which prevent their dog from being certified by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) or the Canine Eye Registration Foundation (CERF). OFA will only certify dogs that are 24 months or older. Cerf requires the dog to be 12 months or older. ___________________________________________________

DreamMeyer Guarantee Agreement

A) All pups are guaranteed free of hereditary hip dysplasia and hereditary eye diseases to the age of 26 months.

B) Eye tests must be done between the age of 12 and 26 months by a BOARD CERTIFIED VETERINARY OPTHALMOLOGIST.

C) Hip x-rays must be done between the age of 24 and 26 months by a BOARD CERTIFIED VETERINARIAN.
D) Eyes must be rejected by CERF.
E) Hips must be rejected by OFA.
F) The dog must have been registered with the AKC by the purchaser.
G) The live dog, rejection paperwork from the OFA or CERF along with owner's Veterinarian's evaluation must be provided for verification by a Veterinarian of DreamMeyer's choice.
H) DreamMeyer will give a full refund of the purchase price when the owner returns the dog, and the AKC papers are transferred back to DreamMeyer.
I) If they prefer, the owners may keep the dog. Once proof is provided that the dog has been spayed or neutered, DreamMeyer will refund ½ of the original purchase price.
J) This guarantee is offered only to the original purchaser of the dog.
K) If the dog has been bred before being certified by the OFA and CERF this guarantee is null and void.
M) I require that "DreamMeyer" or "DreamMeyer's" be first in the AKC registered name of the pup/dog for this guarantee to be validated.

DreamMeyer Labradors
signed Nancy Meyer________________________
date: __________

I have read and understand the above guarantee.
purchaser (printed name) _______________________
purchaser (signed name) _______________________
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