Infomation for Your New Companion and FAQ's

Hello All, I hope you are enjoying your puppy as much as I did!

Dewclaws are removed at 1 day old.
I gave their 1st puppy shot (DHLP ).
They are due for their next shot on ______
I give the wormer ( for roundworm and hookworm ).

You will get wormer to take home and give to your pup 2 weeks after the 1st dose, please give this dose to your pup on _____, keep it in the refrigerator till then. Please take your pup to your Vet within 7 days for a health check and inquire of a "puppy package" they may offer. (first years shots at a discount)

I require that you use "DreamMeyer" first in the AKC registered name of your dog for my guarantee to be validated.

I recommend feeding a corn meal based product, not rice based. I use "Beef N More" from Sam's Club ($15 for 40 lb) Now I am feeding the pups 1 cup 2 x day.

The pups should have "free" fresh water offered all day. Then take it away about 6 pm. This will make night training easier.

I do not spay my females until they are a year old & have had their first heat.
I do not neuter my males until they are a year old.
I strongly feel they need these hormones for proper growth.

Puppies need to go potty The Minute they wake up from sleeping or napping !! And Right After they eat !!
Bring them out each time to the spot you want them to go and Praise them A Lot for going there. They physically can not "hold it" all night. Their sphincter muscles aren't developed yet. You will have to get up at 3 am or so and take them out to go. Or have papers in the kennel, by the door, that they can go on.
Have them go potty, praise them, and put them right back in the kennel. Let them know night time is Not playtime !

They are already used to sleeping in a "Pet Porter or Vari Kennel" at night. You can continue this in your own home. Tell them to "Kennel Up" each time you put them in the kennel. They may cry the first few nights for about 20 minutes or so. To minimize this I suggest draping a towel over the door, turn the lights out, and say "Good Night" . They will stop and go to sleep. You may put in a favorite blanket or toy.

The safest way for your pup to travel is in a kennel. Again tell them "Kennel Up" each time you put them in. Teach them to sit and stay when you open the door to the kennel so you can attach the leash. Teach them to wait for your "OK" command before getting out of the kennel, this prevents them jumping out into possibly unsafe conditions. You should always have control of your pup/dog!

Puppies Need to chew. They are teething. Later they will get their adult teeth and molars.
Have Plenty of toys; rope twist toys are very good, fetching toys, rawhide chews/bones etc.
If you find them chewing on something they shouldn't tell them "No" (firmly) and give them something they Can chew on. Then Praise them for chewing the right thing.

You may use a buckle or adjustable collar at all times. For training, I STRONGLY recommend a prong collar with rounded ends. *These do NOT hurt them and teaches them that THEIR actions are rewarded* ie: When the pup stops pulling the pressure is released. I have them sit and say "collar" as I am putting it on. This goes above the regular collar just below the ears. You should get a finger between pup and collar, you can add links as they grow. *It is very important to put this on for training and take it off immediately after* Soon they will Love to get the prong collar on as this means special you/me time! "Gentle Leaders" do not "teach" anything to the pups about their actions, you control their actions.

When the pups are outside with you ALWAYS have them on a leash. If they never learn the behavior of Not Coming to you when you call, from the very start, it will become an ingrained behavior to ALWAYS come when you call. If you can devote 20 min.-1 hour/day with your puppy they will learn very fast. The key is consistency and PRAISE. Lots of praise and pats & Firm "No's". No scolding, hitting or shock collars ! (shock collars should only be used by professional trainers) Work on one task at a time. Call their name first always (to get their attention) then the task ; "Ben Sit". Gently put them in a sitting position and praise "Good Ben Sit, Good Boy" Puppies have their good days and not so good days. Just like people ! Always end on a positive note.
KNOW THIS : They Want To Please You, You Are Their World...... You will get back a thousand fold what you put into these pups.

"Retriever Puppy Training : The Right Start For Hunting" by Clarice Rutherford & Cherylon Loveland paperback (approx. $10) Please feel free to call or e-mail with any further questions.

I look forward to hearing from you and pictures are always welcome!!! I will call for updates and referrals to add to my site.

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