2002 Litter
Kitty and Pups

I took Kitty's temp last week and it was 100.2 Normal is 101 last evening it was 99.4 when it gets down to 98.6 she should have her first pup within 24 hours. Well, the count down is over.....

Our blizzard got things going!
1st pup at 7:22 Boy
2nd pup at 8:03 Boy
3rd pup at 9:30 Big Boy
4th pup at 10:08 GIRL
We are talking PM. They are all very healthy, squeeking, active, strong and beautiful so far.

Well we are snowed in with 15 inches of beautiful, sparkling snow. Our final puppy count is 9. Five boys & Four girls - all chocolate, shiny, and very strong. The first pup was born at 7:22 pm Thursday March 14th. The last pup was born at 2:22 am Friday March 15th. Seven hours for 9 babies; nature is amazing.

As you can see, the pups fit in the palm of your hand. I won't be able to tell personalities until about 4 weeks of age. They change weekly. Eyes open at about 7 - 10 days. Ears open by 2 weeks. Toddling about at 3 weeks.
Walking at 4 weeks. I'll keep you updated with pictures. The collars, all different colors, go on about 3 weeks of age, and don't come off until they got to their new homes. They had their dewclaws removed yesterday.

The pups are 3 weeks old now. They bark, growl, play, advanced toddle, give lots of kisses, and a few are trying to climb out of the pen. We are supposed to finally warm up next week to the 60's. I will get them out to the whelping pen, inside my bigger kennel, in the garage. They will have more room to play.

They are starting to get their teeth in and I have already cut all their front nails (72) so they don't scratch up Kitty. The boys collars are 3 different shades of blue, 1 green, and 1 black with a reflector middle. The girls collars are pink, purple, red, and multicolor.

Here we are 5 weeks old, and as you can see
we are up and about, curiously investigating the

These pups were all spoken for before they
were born. There is always the opportunity to
be on the list for next years litter.
As always updates and pictures will
keep coming... after the snow melts. :-)


"Gracie at 9 months old"
Kitty/Elwood 2002 pup (Kitty's Successor when Kitty retires)
Watch for updates on "Gracie" !!!

"Brock" has his own website - http://www.fast351.com/brock/
"Samuel Adams" has his own site too - http://www.mnwaterfowler.com

I highly recommend these three books to everyone who buys my pups, or loves labs.
1) "Just Labs" by Steve Smith & Dale C. Spartas
2) "101 uses for a lab" by Dale C.Spartas
3)"Retriever Puppy Training : The Right Start for Hunting"
by Clarice Rutherford and Cherylon Loveland

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