Nancy & Kitty

At seven months old, he already knows all his basic commands quitewell, plus some complicated ones. Such as: sit, stay, lay down, and come, all by hand signals.

He knows not to leave a room without getting permission and has been house broken since the first week we picked him up. When I take him for a walk and command him to sit, I can walk around the corner and wait, he will sit until I whistle for him to come.

His favorites are river fishing for steelhead trout, duck hunting, laying on our dock with his head hung over looking at the pan fish swim by. Now during winter I think he likes the snow the most, as soon as I let him outside he rolls in the snow and makes miles and miles of tunnels with his nose.
Joel T Geach
Minnetrista, MN 55364

"Gunner" was taking hand signals at 4 months old and doubles at 6 months old. Anything I want to teach her she learns in just a few times. Her mouth is very soft, I can train with the same live bird for a week.
1999 litter -Joel Reinitz






BlahaFrancine & Dick
Dakota & Harley

Dakota ('98 litter) could be a seeing eye dog
with the manners and temperament he has. Our dream of a brother for him has come true with Harley Soft Tail ('00 litter).





Julia,her puppy & Kitty

"Harley" is very smart ! He weighed 80 lbs at 9 months. Still thinks he's a lap dog. All the neighborhood kids come to play with him.
1998 litter -Matt & Jennifer Dolan

Kitty and her pups are so calm, well behaved and a pleasure to work with.
-Dr. Al Kemplin D.V.M.





Elwood-Kitty Pup

9725 283rd Lane NE, North Branch MN 55056 ,(651) 674-6104, DreamMeyer@msn.com
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